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Business Services and Support

We have established relationships with several reputable companies who provide services that could help you, whether for your career or your business.

Experience in the recruitment sector has taught about solutions that clients want more than just a recruitment service.   Therefore, we are developing a number of other HR services to offer our clients.  We welcome ideas to add to this list, after all, it’s about sharing information and ideas so we can continue to be the best.

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For Employers:

  • Staff Engagement and Retention (FREE)
  • Psychometric testing and ability questionnaires (FREE)
  • Training Resources (FREE)
  • Referencing, Gap Analysis, Background Screening, CRB checks and more
  • Absence Management
  • Financial Services
  • HR Services
  • Employment Law

For Candidates:

  • Psychometric testing and ability questionnaires (FREE)
  • Financial Services
  • Accounting advice
  • CV writing
  • Preparing for the interview

Staff Engagement and Retention

You may be wondering why a recruitment agency is offering staff engagement and retention services? What's in it for us?

It's very simple.  about solutions believe in building successful companies.  With your success comes our success.  With your success comes growth.  With growth comes opportunity for new staff.  We aim to forge long term relationships and what better way than by truly helping the successful growth of your company?

We have a preferred supplier that offers superb free assessment products that can help with Personality, Sifting, Ability, Engagement and 360 questionnaires.   Keep your existing staff engaged and happily employed.  Or as an individual learn more about yourself!

This service is free and can be used as often as you like! 

Our preferred supplier is a people retention company to assist in preventing turnover of staff. Although the free resources are excellent, if you are a company looking to implement a more advanced system than the free services offered contact about solutions so we can help you.

Umbrella, Limited Company or Crunch?

Our survey says - Crunch!

As an contractor you have enough to concern you without the hassle of dealing with payroll, accounts, tax and other legislation. We have reviewed the best tax saving route for contractors and recommend Crunch as the answer.

Crunch is an online accounting firm. Revolutionising the way accounting is done. Crunch gives you expert accountants and online accounting software, all for one low monthly fee.

Having met and reviewed many accounting services Crunch stands out above the rest. Simply put - they remove the pain associated with the older ‘stuffy’ firms. Further, they give far more tax saving than you’d get with an umbrella company. Crunch is geared to both your time and financial needs, not the accountant.

Crunch, save time, save tax, save moneyConnect to a professional and friendly team of experts who have access to the latest accounting software. So as a contractor you can focus on your business and Crunch will take care of the dull stuff.


Financial Management

If you’re changing jobs you may well be changing pensions and needing to replace life and health insurance benefits. If you require specialist advice we can put you in touch with our preferred suppliers who are a Chartered firm. They are fee based (rather than commission) and the first meeting is free. Call our recruitment team for full contact details and testimonials.

Training Resources

First class Training Materials & Resources from an ICM accredited supplier. From Business Development Training, Customer Care Training, Human Resources Training through to Health & Safety Training, our preferred supplier can cater for all your trainer needs!

As an approved about solutions partner you get a 10% discount when you use the discount code provided by our team.

For more about our added value recruitment services contact our recruitment team today