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Testimonials from our clients

"about solutions listened carefully to our requirements and then presented candidates who not only met those requirements but were also capable of fitting in with our fast growing team. This resulted in minimising the time management spent in recruiting and the successful candidates have been both capable and a pleasure to work with. This contrasted starkly with the results from another national recruitment agency given the same opportunity who failed to present any suitable candidates.”

Our perspective:
“with fast growth businesses cutting through red tape and bureaucratic measures is absolutely key to securing the best people and fast. Long drawn out interview processes would have meant failing to secure some of the industry’s best candidates. We agreed to move quickly and the client responded well. Since, with their new key hires at the management level, the company has secured over £15 million of business. Our relationship with them paying off substantially”

“[Engineering Consultancy] has worked with George at about solutions for about 5 years and they have been amongst the best, if not the best, provider of high quality recruitment services. George takes time to understand our requirements and works persistently until suitably qualified analysts and programmers are found and appointed. All six candidates recruited over the last few years have remained with the business. We believe this is a reflection of the efforts George takes to ensure that candidates have a good understanding of our business and its culture before coming for interview.

In summary, about solutions consistently come up with high quality candidates that meet our particular needs. As our main contact point, George provides an excellent level of customer service.”

Our perspective:
“This relationship developed through proof of hard work. Once we really understood the client’s requirements we could dependably come up with the right staff. Not just technically a good match but the right culture. This was very important in a medium sized business.”

“It is with pleasure that I can recommend the team at about solutions. They consistently come up with the results, even on the toughest assignments. The team are courteous, professional and a pleasure to work with”

Our perspective:
“We thoroughly enjoy working with this business, while the briefs are tough, the Management have an appreciation of what they require and willing to work closely with us on securing the right staff”

“Our relationship with about solutions has been for many years. [Manufacturing and engineering business] is a small firm and about solutions have not only provided great recruitment activities but also human resource advice. From how to hire, screen, test and retain staff. This is often overlooked by other agencies and is the reason we only work exclusively with George and the about solutions team”

Our perspective:
“It took some time to begin working with this client. They were cautious of developing a new business relationship, having had poor experiences with recruitment agencies in the past. Sometimes it takes time to build relationships. In this day and age of immediacy, occasionally, some good old fashioned relationship building pays dividends!”

“We don’t normally like going out to agencies - perceived as over priced for the service they provide. That was until we meet George of about solutions through a recommendation. George set up a face to face meeting and I was pleasantly surprised. It was clear that this was someone who has been in the industry for 15yrs and knew what they were talking about. George is not afraid of challenging the brief provided and being honest about why we may run into difficulties. George and the team consistently reviewed the screening and hiring process until we got our ideal candidate”

Our perspective:
“Via a recommendation, this company allowed us access through several visits. It was important to:
a) build a trusting relationship and
b) Be certain we could fill their brief.
Once we had established what the client were looking for. We could work together, as a team, and provide an excellent short list and finally, a successful placement.”

“[Manufacturing company] is an engineering and manufacturing firm based in Sussex. Established for over 30yrs we have worked with recruitment agencies over the years. We have an excellent and established relationship with about solutions that has lasted 4yrs to date. We have a superb collaborative relationship where we are happy to outsource our recruitment to a trusted partner. Thank you all so much for the work to date, long may it last. “

Our perspective:
“Hiring with direct line managers has helped us understand in detail what each requires. As such, this has lead to speedy hires. Importantly, they have moved quickly when we have found the right person to hire. Predictably, good people will have many offers, but the speed to offer from this company really help”

“Having tried to fill a difficult senior position for over a year we have gone out to a variety of agencies. Including some international names who boasted a reputation (and price to go with it!) to fulfil our assignment. about solutions came via a referral (a fellow Director of another business). Reluctantly, we pursued this as a last resort. But were very pleasantly surprised by their honest and non-aggressive sales approach we began to believe we could fill the brief. Meeting up about solutions went through a very thorough examination of why we hadn’t succeeded to date and how we could come up with a solution. Within 6 weeks we had found our person. Who after 2yrs is still here and provided fantastic results and profit to the business.”

Our perspective:
“This was a client who had run into to trouble with a tough, but fillable role. We see this often, where clients re-open roles looking at different options. The role can become stagnant and gained a reputation in the candidate community of a client who hasn’t filled a position for some time. This can put off candidates from applying. With some carefully planned rebranding we were able to attract an excellent short list and position someone for the role. As the client contests, it was an excellent hire and they continue to give results to the company”

“Working consistently with about solutions for the past 5yrs they have virtually built our business from a 30 person company to a now 200+ head count. Supporting all engineering hires in the white collar arena we have been very happy with their results. There continued support during and, perhaps as importantly, after the hire has been crucial in helping advise in staff retention. We hope the next 5yrs and beyond can be as successful”

Our perspective:
“Often working with a fast growth business is self-perpetuating and we tend to end up hiring through those we have placed. So relationships are strong at the start and only go from strength to strength. However, it still takes the effort of those at the start of the process to work with us and ensure we are all pulling together, with the same goal in mind.”

“We were looking to work with a 3 agencies. Having conducted our research and met with a number of agencies we choose about solutions as one of our 3. about solutions were more expensive than many who were trying to get a foot in the door with percentage rates in the single figures. From experience, and I continue to be a firm believer, you get what you pay for!

We haven’t been let down. All 3 agencies get a fair crack of the roles we have. But over the years we now select specific roles to about solutions alone. The reason? They understand our business requirements and produce a better value of service than the other agencies.

Working directly with the owner of about solutions also means we are not getting a new consultant every 6 months! While I understand this is how the industry can work, we’d rather have the same single point of contact consistently. Otherwise, it isn’t really a meaningful relationship.”

Our perspective:
“Of course, we’d always prefer exclusivity on vacancies! However, we often work with other agencies. This creates some healthy competition. It means we have to prove our services to the client. Once we demonstrated our reputation, about solutions have earned exclusivity on positions with this client. The relationship continues to be very strong and we thoroughly enjoy working with them”

Testimonials from our candidates

“I’ve been in contract for almost 3yrs with About Solutions. They also pay within a week of invoice sent and very reliable. They keep me briefed and negotiated my rate up 3 times in line with inflation. Unusual for an agency to provide this level of service”

David, Mechanical Engineer

“I’m on my 3rd job through about solutions. The team has been first class and always secure me a contract with a rate higher than my expectations. Keep it up!”

Kumar, AutoCAD Engineer

“Within just 3 weeks I was presented with 4 different companies in the Sussex area. With superb support and interview advice about solutions secured me 2 excellent offers. I’ve been with the company for over 2yrs and very, very happy. Dream job!”

Dan, Engineering Manager

“George’s approach was discrete and professional. He head-hunted me from a global company. I wasn’t actively searching but when presented with an opportunity from George felt intrigued. Without being pushy and giving me the time to think things through George arranged several interviews with the client. A match was made and I couldn’t be happier. The job and company are excellent and I am very happy. But also, a 10k increase in basic, was a nice bonus!”

Nigel, Head of Engineering R&D

“I had 2 contract offers and 1 permanent offer when I was first approached by about solutions. Persuaded to go and meet the company and discuss with the hiring manager, made me glad I did. The role was far superior to the existing offers. I’ve been extremely happy with about solutions and would (and do!) recommend them”

Mark, Mechanical Design Engineer

“George was consistently in touch with me over several years. Presenting opportunities that he felt would be of interest. I would be left to mull over the details of a job and company. George has an excellent demeanour and would accept that I may decline the propositions. It took almost 2yrs before he found me something I was interested in and from that I secured my new role. What is unusual and what I really like about George and about solutions is they kept in touch and listened to what I was looking for. To have a professional team working in the background is fantastic way of job hunting. I trust them to come up with the goods and they did. Our relationship continues and I have personally made three hires through them in my new position.”

Neil, Chief Engineer

“Thank you for all you have done for me. You have been very professional and human approach and it's been a pleasure for me to work with you. I like the company and I think it's mutual. It changed my perspective a lot as I had been at one place for too long. I am grateful for this. All the best luck for your future.”

Rod, Senior Electronics Engineer

“I wanted to thank you for getting me this role. This is a massive opportunity for me and I am hugely grateful to you for it. I would like to get you a bottle of whisky (or something else if you'd prefer) as a thank you. Again many thanks for what you've done for me.”

Alex, Systems Analyst